Docquity delivers 10% market share growth for Philippine-based pharmaceutical client in just one year

  • Docquity’s leading network of HCPs and proprietary Awareness to Advocacy (A2A) solution complemented the Client’s Sales and Marketing team to increase conversions in a highly competitive pain product market
  • Client was able to grow prescriptions and revenue, with over 80% cost savings compared to traditional approaches

Philippines, 18 January 2023Docquity, Southeast Asia’s largest community of verified healthcare professionals (HCPs) connecting two out of three doctors in the region, helped a Philippine-based pharmaceutical firm in the pain management therapeutic area (Client) gain 10% market share in just one year through its proprietary Docquity Awareness to Advocacy (A2A) program. Leveraging Docquity’s vast HCP network, profound understanding of HCP needs and preferences and robust omnichannel solutions, the approach complemented the Client’s Sales and Marketing team to improve HCP reach by 2.5x through almost 30,000 touchpoints, and increase conversions and revenue, at 17% of the cost of deploying traditional methods such as face-to-face medical representatives.

The Client manufactures a pain product with a different mechanism of action, providing a multi-modal approach to pain management that can be more effective for certain patients. However, the pain product market is resource-driven and promotion-sensitive, with a mix of prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) competitors. While the Client needed to raise awareness and educate doctors on the role and benefits of its product’s approach to pain management, its medical representatives initially connected with only around 15% of HCPs who treat patients for pain and related symptoms in its market.

To address these challenges, Docquity onboarded the Client to its A2A program, starting with understanding the Client’s current brand perception through HCPs on its network and deploying targeted, omnichannel outreach to raise awareness on the brand’s key messages and build trust through scientific education. Docquity then continually measured the journey of HCPs across marketing cohorts, from the Awareness cohort (HCPs who interacted with key messages across Docquity and social media channels) to the Trust cohort (HCPs who further interacted with scientific education content, such as case studies and courses, on the Docquity platform) and the Advocacy cohort (HCPs who expressed interest in the Client’s Call to Actions (CTA)). Based on this approach, Docquity leveraged its Virtual Medical Representatives (VMRs) to have focused conversations with HCPs, supported by HCP preferences generated through the Docquity Insights platform.

“Through Docquity’s proprietary A2A approach, our client in the Philippines was able to build a more targeted segment of HCPs who could identify the specific cases in which its product was highly relevant. This enabled the client to cultivate meaningful relationships with the right HCPs through the right messages and channels, overcome industry competition and achieve remarkable business results,” Amit Vithal, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at Docquity, said. “Our network and expertise as a trusted digital platform connecting and enabling HCPs in Southeast Asia puts us in a unique position to continue developing this approach to support healthcare organizations looking to improve engagements with doctors.”

With solid results delivered in just 12 months, Docquity and the Client have since progressed towards a long-term, commercial partnership model, where Docquity is equally aligned with the Client’s business goals and brand’s growth. Docquity is in further discussions with more healthcare organizations across Southeast Asia to demonstrate the value of its A2A program and embark on a shared journey to empower HCPs to build healthier lives at scale.


About Docquity

Docquity is Southeast Asia’s largest trusted professional community of healthcare professionals. Our vision is to connect healthcare professionals to build healthier lives around the world at scale. Docquity helps healthcare professionals learn, connect and grow and partners with companies to reach and educate healthcare professionals as well as gain insights into them.

Docquity has more than 350,000 doctors on the platform and offices in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Docquity Awareness to Advocacy (A2A) Program

The Docquity A2A program leverages our leading network of HCPs, omnichannel solutions as well as deep understanding of individual HCP personas, preferences and needs to complement the Sales and Marketing functions of our clients.

The approach utilizes research based on Docquity’s HCP network to deploy omnichannel outreach – through the Docquity platform and social media channels – to HCP microsegments, to raise awareness on a brand’s key messages and build trust through scientific education. Docquity then tracks the journey of HCPs through marketing cohorts and uses VMRs to have detailed conversations with HCPs, supported with intelligence on HCP personas and preferences.

For further information, please contact:

Reisha Nagrani
Head of Communications, Docquity

Therese Panganiban
Virtusio PR
+63 917 8210312

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