The Power of Insights

This edition of the Docquity Impact Series is all about the value of insights-driven solutions that have been a true game changer in the ROI we deliver for clients. 

One achievement has been the effective HCP Intent to Prescribe campaigns that we run for our clients. Addressing the challenges clients face in reaching the right HCP specialties, on the right channels and with the right content, we leverage Docquity Insights to target custom audience segments with personalized content across channels, including social media.

These insights are supported by our proprietary Intent to Prescribe (or Intent to Recommend) metrics, which are regularly measured to track changes in HCP preferences.

In contrast to the traditional media agency approach which relies on lookalike audiences, our unique targeting has proven to deliver a lower cost per mille (CPM) by a factor of 5. For instance, we recently worked with a global healthcare company to scale its Philippine-based lead generation efforts for a new vaccine, resulting in repeat orders and a target list of advocates for the future

Similarly, we have seen the strength of our network and insights shine through all our services. Last year we launched Doctors Jobs Today, the first dedicated job portal for HCPs in Southeast Asia, based on insight from a survey which showed that 88% of doctors in the region are open to exploring new job opportunities. Curating openings across Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, we’ve now had around 750 applicants respond to over 120 registered employers. 

With recruitment for healthcare enterprises being a critical purpose of our jobs portal, we recently helped P&G hire a pediatrician in the Philippines within just 72 hours.

We look forward to sharing more updates on harnessing HCP insights to create strong solutions that will better meet client goals.

Docquity Founders

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