Building strong HCP Intent to Prescribe campaigns

The power of insights-driven omnichannel outreach, based on HCP preferences and personas

Just like many industries today, healthcare has embraced omnichannel communications heavily leveraging digital platforms, especially social media. However, the digitalization of people’s businesses and lifestyles continues to grow in complexity, making developing, implementing, and measuring effective digital campaigns overwhelming.

We often see how our healthcare clients face challenges in connecting with a niche audience made up of the right healthcare professionals (HCPs) across specialties, in the right markets, through the right channels, and with the right content that meets industry regulations.  

Lacking accurate insight into their audience’s profiles, they frequently rely on the traditional media agency approach of generic segmentation methodologies that leverage lookalike audiences. At the same time, HCPs who are already strapped for time are fed with mass content that may not be relevant to their specialty or preferences. This defocused targeting leads to non-directed spending and a high cost per mille (CPM), leaving clients struggling to get the most out of their marketing spend.

Addressing the insights deficiency

This is where the power of insights comes in. As Southeast Asia’s largest community of verified HCPs, we work with clients to tackle these challenges through Docquity’s Awareness to Advocacy (A2A) Program, which leverages our in-depth network insights and effective omnichannel solutions, including social media, to help clients cultivate meaningful connections with the right HCPs. Our HCP insights are supported by our proprietary Intent to Prescribe (or Intent to Recommend) metrics, which are regularly measured to track changes in HCP preferences. 

This unique custom targeting approach enables our clients to: 

1. Work within industry regulations to generate strong leads:  Healthcare is one of the most regulated sectors globally. Two recent pharmaceutical clients, one in vaccines and another in supplements, consulted us on running effective digital campaigns, while working within country laws and corporate policies prohibiting social media mentions of product brand names. 

The vaccine client harnessed Docquity Insights to optimally connect with a wide audience of general practitioners (GPs) across social media platforms, raising awareness using its medication’s common salt name. Meanwhile, our supplements client leveraged Docquity’s in-depth pool of educational content to reach a comprehensive, yet targeted list of GPs across digital platforms. 

As both companies maximized reach to the right HCPs with meaningful content across multiple channels, awareness about their products increased even though their brand names were not used in any of their online campaigns. This led to more seamless sales conversions, brand ambassadors, and repeat orders for their products. 

2. Connect with HCPs at scale, at an optimal cost: A multinational company (MNC) recently worked with us on a challenge of finding HCPs across Southeast Asia who would be interested in its upcoming healthcare webinar. While the client had ambitious goals given the scale of its online event, it also required stringent cost optimizations. 

Leveraging Docquity Insights, we helped the MNC strategically identify verified doctors in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam who would most likely be interested in its event, engaging them on various social media platforms. This helped the client create its strongest regional event to date, with double the viewership compared to previous events

3. Engage the right HCPs:  Healthcare enterprises need to ensure their content reaches HCPs who have the right specializations for their products. One of our clients, a Japanese prosthetics manufacturing startup, encountered this dilemma as it planned the launch of its new product in the Philippines and needed to enable its small team of medical representatives (MRs) to efficiently cultivate quality leads across the right specialties. 

The startup leveraged Docquity Insights to develop a targeted lead generation social media campaign, reaching a widened, but custom base of verified HCPs across all relevant specialties, including surgeons, sports injury specialists, and orthopedicians. 

This was a game-changer for the client, who generated more sales leads than initially planned in just two months, with some of these leads recommending it to other doctors, resulting in long-term advocacy and ongoing hospital partnerships

For a deeper discussion on leveraging the power of insights-driven social media for your healthcare campaigns, please contact me at

Lokesh Vaishnavi
Head of Digital Marketing, Docquity

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