Russian Man Makes Medical History: Tree Found Growing in His Lung


In 2009, a Russian man named Artyom Sidorkin made medical history when doctors discovered a fir tree growing inside his lung. Sidorkin had been experiencing chest pain and coughing up blood for several weeks, and doctors initially suspected lung cancer. However, when they opened his chest to perform a biopsy, they were shocked to find a small tree growing in his lung tissue.

The tree was about 2 centimeters tall and had green needles. Doctors were baffled about how the tree got there but believed that Sidorkin must have inhaled a seed at some point. The embryo then germinated and began to grow inside his lung. It was growing in the lower lobe of Sidorkin’s right lung. Doctors were able to remove the tree successfully, and Sidorkin made a full recovery.

The case is believed to be the first of its kind ever reported. It is unclear how the tree got into Sidorkin’s lung, but experts think he may have inhaled a seed. The seed may have germinated and grown into a tree inside his lung.
Sidorkin’s case is a reminder of the human body’s amazing and sometimes unpredictable nature. It is also a reminder of the importance of early detection and treatment of lung cancer.

How did the tree get inside Sidorkin’s lung?

“It was unbearably painful. But, honestly, I didn’t sense anything foreign inside me,” Sidorkin stated.

A few possible explanations exist for how the tree got inside Sidorkin’s lung. One possibility the doctor mentioned is that he inhaled a seed. It is the most likely explanation, as it is the only way a tree could start growing inside a human body. Another possibility is that the tree was implanted in Sidorkin’s lung during a medical procedure. However, this is less likely, as there is no record of Sidorkin ever having a medical procedure that could have implanted a tree in his lung. He went to the hospital last month, complaining of pain in his chest and a bloody cough.

What caused the tree to grow inside Sidorkin’s lung?

Once the tree seed was inside Sidorkin’s lung, it could have started to grow if it had found the right conditions. The lung is a warm, moist environment ideal for “seed germination”. The tree could have also obtained nutrients from the blood vessels in the lung tissue. As the tree grew, it would have started to damage the lung tissue. It could have caused Sidorkin the chest trouble and other symptoms that he was experiencing.

How did the doctors remove the tree?

The surgeon was sure it was cancer.

The surgeon said, “We performed X-rays and came across what appeared to be a tumor.” I’d seen hundreds before, so we went with surgery.”

Before removing the man’s lung, the surgeon performed a biopsy and discovered the tree. The doctors removed the tree from Sidorkin’s lung during surgery. They carefully dissected the tree out of the lung tissue, taking care not to damage the lung itself. After the surgery, Sidorkin made a full recovery. He can now live a normal life without any breathing problems.


Artyom Sidorkin’s case is a remarkable one. It is a reminder that the human body is capable of amazing things and that there is still much we do not know about medicine. Sidorkin’s case also reminds us that we need to be careful about what we inhale.

Sidorkin’s case was widely reported in the media, and it sparked a great deal of interest from the public. Doctors worldwide were curious about how the tree got inside Sidorkin’s lung and how it was removed.

Sidorkin’s case is also of interest to scientists. Scientists are still trying to understand how the tree grew inside Sidorkin’s lung. They also want to learn more about the tree’s effect on Sidorkin’s health. Sidorkin’s case is a unique one, but it is not the only case of a foreign object being found growing inside a human body. There have been other cases of trees, seeds, and even plants growing inside human bodies. These cases are all very rare, but they are a reminder that the human body is capable of strange and unexpected things.


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