Docquity Pulse Check 2023: Decoding a Doctor’s Learning and Engagement Habits

In this newsletter edition, we are excited to launch our annual report on doctor learning and engagement trends, Docquity Pulse Check 2023. This year, we asked 2,500 general and specialist practitioners across Southeast Asia about their practice, learning, peer-to-peer and industry engagement preferences. 

A highlight from the survey is that doctors are increasingly digital, even in a post-pandemic world. While, unsurprisingly, the survey found that two learning cohorts exist – digital dominant learners and in-person dominant learners, both groups participate in digital learning yet display unique engagement behaviors. 

This calls for the healthcare industry to tailor engagements based on doctors’ nuanced learning preferences by maximizing online reach, complemented with a strategic allocation of offline resources.

Here are the top three takeaways from the report:

  1. Doctors are increasingly digital in their practice and learning behaviors
    • 75.2% of doctors expect teleconsultation volume to increase next year
    • 91.1% of doctors attend digital learning events. In fact, doctor attendance at digital learnings events is higher than in-person events (3.9 versus 3.0 times per month)
  1. Doctors value digital connections with peers and industry
    • Doctors in the region interact with peers daily or more, and often digitally
    • The majority of doctors engage with industry reps via digital channels at least 50% of the time
  1. Online and offline preferences are not mutually exclusive, and even traditionally in-person learners can be digital
    • Doctors who lean more toward in-person learning attended a similar number of Docquity app sessions as their digital peers (8 versus 10 per month)
    • However, digital dominant learners are more flexible in engaging with industry across online (56.9%) and offline (43.1%) channels, while in-person learners prefer offline industry engagements 

We hope you will find the in-depth insights within the report meaningful, to inform improved doctor engagements in the region.

Docquity Founders

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