Docquity Pulse Check 2023

Decoding a Doctor’s Learning and Engagement Habits

Southeast Asia

As Southeast Asia’s largest digital network of more than 400,000 doctors, Docquity collects actionable insights on doctor practice, learning, peer-to-peer interaction and industry engagement preferences. This 2023 market report is based on a comprehensive survey that reached over 2,500 doctors across the region.

Uncover the latest learning and engagement trends of doctors in a post-pandemic world, for effective doctor targeting strategies.

Digital and in-person learning events per month, and % of doctor participation in digital.

Doctors are increasingly digital in their practice and learning behaviors

Digital and in-person learning events per month, and % of doctor participation in digital.
  • 75.2% of doctors expect teleconsultation volume to increase next year

  • 91.1% of doctors attend digital learning events, despite the return of in-person post-pandemic

Doctors value digital connections with peers and industry

Frequency of doctors interacting with industry reps virtually.
  • Doctors in the region interact with peers daily or more, and often digitally

  • The majority of doctors engage with industry reps via digital channels at least 50% of the time
Frequency of doctors interacting with industry reps virtually.
Docquity platform data correlated to learning preferences from survey.

Online and offline preferences are not mutually exclusive (and even traditionally in-person learners can be digital)

Docquity platform data correlated to learning preferences from survey.
  • Although two dominant learning cohorts exist – digital and in-person learners, in-person learners also use digital channels significantly. For example, doctors who lean more toward in-person learning attended a similar number of Docquity app sessions as their digital peers (8 versus 10 per month)

  • However, digital learners are more flexible when it comes to engaging with industry across online (56.9%) and offline (43.1%) channels, while in-person learners prefer offline engagements

Docquity Pulse Check 2023


This report is built upon proprietary research conducted within the Docquity database, including through survey format which runs from March to May each year.  The 2023 survey contained six modules and 72 questions, covering topics such as patient engagement, learning preferences, peer networking, industry interaction, and the digital trends therein. More than 2,500 doctors across Southeast Asia took part, representing a 46:54 split between general and specialty practitioners.

About Docquity

Docquity’s mission is to enable healthcare professionals to be more collaborative, productive, and impactful as a community through technology, including by partnering with industry companies for research and education.  Our leading community of healthcare professionals entrusts us with the responsibility to empower them to improve healthcare outcomes; we work tirelessly to be worthy of that trust.

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