Welcome to Docquity

A community of experts and leaders in health tech

Our employees are founders, operators, and doctors who are at the forefront of advances in collaborative knowledge within health tech. We come from diverse backgrounds and share a strong spirit of service, meaning we are eager to share our know-how by using technology to push the boundaries of the healthcare system.

We work with some of the biggest names in healthcare

Take a look at a few of the companies that have supported our rapid growth across Southeast Asia and beyond.

Our Conviction

Harness the power of the community

We want to develop the connective tissue that brings continuing education, the power of community, productivity & growth tools, and key parties of the healthcare system together like never before.

Indranil Roychowdhury
Co-Founder at Docquity

Our Purpose

Solve big problems

The driving force behind everything we do is fueled by the belief that some of the biggest problems in healthcare can be solved when doctors connect and share their intimate knowledge & experience with each other.

Amit Vithal
Co-Founder at Docquity

The things we value the most

Our community of healthcare professionals entrusts us with the enormous responsibility of helping them save lives. We work tirelessly to be worthy of that trust.

Ok, Enough about us.

Let's talk about the opportunity

While we have been growing fast, we are still small enough that everyone makes a pivotal difference.

We care less about hours worked and more about the outcome — and the impact you make. We have worked hard to create an autonomous working culture with an emphasis on work/life balance and a fun working environment.

Meet the team

To build the future of healthcare, we have recruited a diverse group of individuals who all share the same goal – saving lives by revolutionizing the way doctors go about treating patients.

Karina Andini

Regional Head of Partnerships

Indranil Roychowdhury

CEO & Co-Founder

Ces Martorillas

Commercial Product Planning Lead

Lan Vo

Head of Partnerships Vietnam

Amit Vithal

CGO & Co-Founder

Abhishek Wadhwa

COO & Co-Founder

Our global presence

Everyone on our team is highly passionate, energetic, and purpose-driven. We take pride in our work and would love to work with you, come join us!

Our Investors

We are supported by some of the world’s most forward-thinking VCs as well as leading corporations.

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