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Q2 has unlocked significant opportunities as we expand our capabilities as a digital CSMO (Contract Sales and Marketing Organization). Combining Docquity’s leading network insights and robust technology solutions, we have brought to market a proven digital commercial model – our Awareness to Advocacy (A2A) program – that drives strong ROIs for clients.

A critical element of our A2A program is Docquity’s Virtual Medical Representatives (VMRs). As clients adapt to reach HCPs in an on-demand world, rapidly evolving audience behaviors and resource limitations continue to pose challenges. Our VMRs offer a winning solution by leveraging actionable insights, pharmaceutical expertise, and digital proficiency to deepen and scale HCP engagements alongside on-ground teams.

We have seen our insights-driven VMRs achieve inspiring business impact for clients:

  • A recent VMR-led multichannel campaign enabled an Oncology client to educate specialists on product safety and efficacy at 17% of the cost of traditional methods.
  • Another client in the pain management sector grew HCP reach by 2.5x and market share by 10% in one year!

These success stories demonstrate the value of our digital CSMO model, and we are excited to forge more commercial partnerships. For a deeper discussion on strengthening your brand performance across Asia, please reach Christophe Meugnier, Vice President of Business Development, Docquity at

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