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Product Marketing Manager

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      16-01-2023 15:55:34

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      5 - 7 Years of Experience

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    Designation: Product Marketing Manager (IND.PRO.PMM)

    Office Location: Shahpur Jat New Delhi , Gurugram Gurugram (Branch Office), Bengaluru Bengaluru (Branch Office)

    Position description: Aproduct marketing manager is responsible for the marketing of a company'sproducts or services. This includes identifying target markets, developingmarketing campaigns, and tracking the success of marketing efforts. Your roleis to promote these feature(s) across multiple stakeholders so that the samecould be leveraged by them in the right way.

    Primary Responsibilities:

    • Conducting market research to identify HCP needs and preferences
    • Developing product positioning and messaging strategies
    • Collaborating with product management to define product features and requirements
    • Creating marketing materials such as sales collateral, website content, and product demonstrations
    • Developing and managing product launch plans
    • Collaborating with sales and business development teams to support sales efforts
    • Analysing market trends and competitive activity to inform marketing strategy
    • Measuring and reporting on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
    • Managing budgets and resources for marketing programs

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    • Field specialization: Marketing
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