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Head of Medical Affairs

  • Vietnam

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    25-07-2022 16:39:46

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    5 - 10 Years of Experience

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    Medical Affairs


Designation: Head of Medical Affairs (VIE.MEDAFF.HDOFMEDAFF)

Office Location: Level 6A, No. 9A, Lane 9, Hoang Cau street Dong Da District

Position description:

The Head of Medical Affairs will activelyparticipate in strategic planning, ongoing and new development projects,existing and future corporate alliances, and partnering discussions.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Accompany Sales and Marketing teams in meetings with Pharmaceutical Companies to understand various Pharma Offerings and requirements.
  • Foster strong relationships with Pharmaceutical MSL experts
  • Position Docquity and its offerings within Pharma Industry
  • Thoroughly understand Pharma Offerings/ requirements and provide solutions linking them with Docquity offerings
  • Analyze clinical trends and practices being discussed on Docquity. Relate these with Pharma requirements and position Docquity’s solution accordingly
  • Host advisory boards to understand trends, in order to improve product offerings
  • Consult with product developers and medical professionals, in order to build a robust and future ready platform
  • Monitor scientific literature for new developments and provide inputs for content development where Docquity may append roles, regions and responsibilities from time to time
  • Build out and lead the medical affairs function to support commercial launches of new products into the marketplace
  • Develop and manage a Medical Science Liaison group
  • Partner with KOLs to gather information on current focused therapeutic area issues and questions
  • Possess an understanding of government and industry guidelines, regulations, laws, etc., for appropriate scientific/medical exchange and communication with customers
  • Provide direction and input into the development and implementation of successful reimbursement and market-access strategies
  • Identify competitive issues, capitalize on core strengths, and develop and implement operating plans to achieve objectives for profitable growth

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