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General FAQs on Docquity

    • How can I use Docquity to learn?

      For doctors, who (like us) believe that some of the biggest problems in healthcare can be solved when we make meaningful connections and share our intimate knowledge, Docquity is your go-to source for harnessing collective intelligence and first-hand experience that saves more lives and elevates patient outcomes for all. We do this by delivering the most relevant scientific medical content to doctors, be it the latest guidelines on diseases, quick fire summaries for journal publications or in depth video lectures from a top KOL within your specialty. In addition to this, Docquity provides a seamless, always available platform to earn CME/SKP/CPD credits online for free. You can earn credits within minutes from completing a course or watching a webinar, and store all your credits in one place on the Docquity application. Docquity ensures that the content on our platform is derived from and references the most trusted sources such as NEJM, top European and American medical bodies and other respected journals. We also deliver a HIPAA compliant platform where doctors can share patient cases to seek second opinions as well as collaborate with peers on a private and secure chat. You can comment, like and contribute to cases or posts shared by other users, or build your own following of doctors by sharing knowledge and publishing content that can help your peers save lives. We do all this while verifying that you only see content that is relevant to your specialty and professional interests. Docquity ensures that the right and relevant medical knowledge is accessible to all doctors in the format that you prefer!

    • Are all doctors on Docquity verified?

      Yes! All the doctors that you are able to interact with are verified. This means that Docquity has ensured that each verified doctors’ medical registration number and specialty is consistent with the local medical registry.

    • How much does it cost to use Docquity?

      We believe that South East Asia’s third largest cause of death, missed diagnoses, is a solvable problem when all doctors have equitable access to information. As such, Docquity is and always will be free. Occasionally we invite top KOLs to run a series of in-depth paid courses around a specific disease. However, these events are sparse compared to the thousands of free articles, videos and webinars published on Docquity monthly.

    • What personal details do I need to provide in order to use Docquity?

      In order to use Docquity you will need to provide the following details: - Your mobile number with the relevant country code so that we can discern where you are located. - Your full name and Email - Whether you are a Doctor, Student or Dentist At the end of the onboarding process you will be requested to verify your identity, by providing Docquity your Medical Registration/License Number as well as your practicing speciality. Docquity will then verify these details against the local medical registry. For the best experience on Docquity, we recommend you include as many details as you are comfortable sharing by navigating to your profile and populating the relevant fields following your verification.

    • How does Docquity verify it’s doctors?

      Docquity has a team that works round the clock to verify a new users Medical License number and specialization provided by the doctor during their onboarding process. This team verifies whether this number and specialization matches against the records held by the local medical registries for the same doctor. This process typically takes 24 hours, and until a Doctor is verified they will not receive full access to the platform.

    • Can Docquity help me find a job?

      Yes! You can navigate to our partners website at Doctor Jobs Today is South East Asia’s first dedicated job portal for Doctors. They only accept job posts from reputable Hospitals, Clinics, Universities, and more, to ensure that Healthcare Professionals only see the jobs most relevant to them. With the ability to filter jobs by specialty, type of healthcare institution and location they have created a one-stop job portal for HCPs strained for time.

    • How do I earn CME/SKP/CPD credits online on Docquity?

      You can earn CME/SKP/CPD points online on Docquity in three main ways: 1. Read an accredited article and test your knowledge by answering by a set of questions, you must read the text and achieve a passing score on the questionnaire in order to gain the CME/SKP/CPD Credits 2. Similarly you can watch an accredited video or webinar and then answer a set of question. You must watch the video and achieve a passing score on the questionnaire in order to gain CME/SKP/CPD Credits 3. Video Course only, where Docquity measures the time you spend on the video. In order to gain a CME/SKP/CPD credit the doctor must watch a stipulated percentage of the video (i.e. 50%) in order to earn the credit. Docquity measures the amount of time you spend an if you meet this threshold you will automatically be rewarded with the certificate. All 3 formats typically take 10 - 15 minutes to complete, and all of them are approved by the relevant local medical regulatory authority. The number of credits each activity can award is decided by the local regulator and varies between geographies. All of Docquity’s CME/SKP/CPD credits and their amounts are approved by the following bodies: **Indonesia:** Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) **** **Philippines:** Philippine Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) **Malaysia:** Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) **Thailand:** Center for Continuing Medical Education (CCME) **Vietnam:** Relevant Medical Association that is sponsoring the course

    • What are the benefits of getting my Docquity account verified?

      By verifying your account you, you unlock your possibilities to learn on the Docquity Application! You will be able to access all the content available to your specialty, including the ability to watch live webinars on Docquity from your preferred medical associations and other Docquity partners. In addition to this, you will and also receive permissions to post content you like, and connect and chat with other verified doctors on Docquity. Verifying your medical registration number also allows you to earn CME Credits on Docquity.

    • How long will it take to verify my Docquity account?

      Docquity verifies all its doctors manually against the local medical registries. This process typically takes less than 24 hours.

    • How can I update my Docquity profile?

      **Mobile Number** Given the sensitivity of this information, we will need to verify the owner of the new phone number. In order to update your mobile number reach out to us at, and list your old and new number. We will get back to you within 24 hours with an update. **Medical Registration Number** Similar to your mobile phone, we will need to verify the owner of the new medical registration number. In order to update your Medical Registration Number reach out to us at and list your old and new medical registration number. Our team will verify your new Medical Registration Number and get back to you within 24 hours with an update. **Specialty** In order to update your specialty, you can submit a request to change your specialty directly from the Docquity application. In order to do so navigate to your Profile, click on Edit profile button, click on Specialty, click edit and pick the new specialty that you would like to update on your profile. Our team will verify your new specialty and approve your request within 24 hours. **Associations** You can always add the medical associations that you are a part of on the Docquity Application. Navigate to your profile, under the “My Associations” section you will see a button to “+ Add” associations, click this button and select the relevant medical associations you wish to add. One confirmed, these new associations will be added to your profile instantly. In order to delete a medical association from your profile reach out to and we will revert within 24 hours. **Degree in Certificate** In order to initiate this change, navigate to your profile, click on “Edit Profile” and find the section tilted “Registered Name with Title (For Certificate)”. Here you can update your details to include the right name and title (I.e. Dr., Prof., etc.) that will appear on your CME certificates. This will submit a request to our team which will approve this change within 24 hours. Moving forward all your CME certificates will be updated with your new credentials. In order to update your existing CME certificates, reach out to and we will revert within 24 hours.

    • How do I log into and log out of Docquity?

      In order to log into the Docquity mobile application, navigate to the Play Store or App Store and download the Docquity application. After you have installed the Docquity application, go through the onboarding process and enter your personal particulars. Once you have provided us with your Medical Registration Number and practicing specialty, Docquity will verify your credentials within 24 hours. After you are verified you will be logged in, and able to use the Docquity application. If you wish to use Docquity on your laptop or Mac, navigate to []( and go through the same onboarding process as described above. Once you have completed the onboarding process and are verified, you will be able to log in to the Docquity app on your Macbook or PC using the same link. In order to log out of Docquity on mobile, click on the three stripes on the top left of your screen to open the navigation Panel. From here go to Settings, and click on Log Out to log out of the Docquity application.

    • How can I send feedback or suggest a feature for Docquity?

      In order to send us feedback, click on the three stripes on the top left of your screen to open the navigation panel. Click on Settings and click on “Send Feedback” to open a form where you can select the reason for your feedback report and add details on the feedback you wish to provide. Alternatively, you can always reach out to Docquity at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

    • How many CME Credits do doctors require?

      The number of required CME Credits for Physicians varies between countries. As of 26th May 2022, the required amount of CME/CPD/SKP credits required by Doctors is: **Thailand** While Thailand does not have a regulation stipulating the amount of CME credits required by Doctors, the recommended amount is 200 points every 5 years. It is worth noting that private hospitals within Thailand typically have their own contractual requirements in terms of the points that a doctor should earn in order to continue practicing at that hospital. **Malaysia** Doctors are required to earn 20 CME credits in Malaysia, per year in order to retain their medical license. **Philippines** Doctors are required to earn 15 CME credits in the Philippines, per year in order to retain their medical license. **Indonesia** In Indonesia, doctors are required to earn 250 SKP points over 5 years. This amount is cumulative, meaning if a doctor earns 175 CME credits over 4 years, then in their 5th year they will have to earn 75 CME credits in order to retain their medical license. **Vietnam** In Vietnam, Doctors are required to earn 48 CME credits over 2 consecutive years. In addition to this, Physicians have to earn a minimum of 12 CME credits per year. This means, for example, if a Doctor earns 12 CME points in 1 year, then they must earn 36 points in the next year in order to retain their medical license. Do note that the amount of credits required to be earned by Doctors changes frequently. We recommend checking your countries’ primary medical association (i.e. IDI, MMA etc.) at regular intervals in order to keep up to date on the number of CME points required to be earned by Doctors. In order to earn free CME credits for Primary Care Physicians online, download the Docquity app and navigate to the CME section.

    • How do I check and claim/download my CME/CPD/SKP points on Docquity?

      Checking your CME/CPD/SKP credits on Docquity is easy! If you are currently doing a CME activity then the certificate for this activity will be generated instantly, right after you have passed the module or met the requirements to earn that credit. The certificate for this activity will show up on a new page on your Docquity application and you can download it directly from this page. In case you are unable to download your certificate on this new page, you can navigate to the “Explore” section on the Docquity application. From here navigate to “CME”, then to “My Vault”. Here you will be able to see all the CME credits you have earned on Docquity, including being able to download each individual certificate and the view the number of points you have earned.

    • What type of content is available on Docquity?

      One of Docquity’s core missions is to bring the right and relevant medical knowledge to all doctors. As such, we deliver content curated from subject matter experts, peer reviewed publications and only the most trusted online medical resources for doctors. In addition to this we ensure that all the resources for medical information available on Docuqity are delivered in a format that is easy to understand and follow, while accommodating to the busy nature of the medical profession. Docquity produces webinars in partnership with Key Opinion Leaders and medical associations, Journal Summaries, Case Reports as well as articles covering the latest updates in the field of medical science.

    • How do the webinars on Docquity benefit my practice?

      All of Docquity’s seminar’s are conducted in partnership with top Key Opinion Leaders and other subject matter experts, who share their first-hand experiences and knowledge around a specific disease or treatment. In addition to this, we ensure that only the latest advancements and information within the medical field is shared during Docquity’s webinars. We deliver these online courses for medical doctors for free with the intention of bringing equitable access to medical information.

    • How can I pre-register/attend an upcoming webinar on Docquity?

      You can find a list of all the upcoming webinars on Docquity by navigating to the “Webinar” section under the “Explore” page of the Docquity Application. Here you will see a list of all the past, ongoing and upcoming webinars. Navigate to the “Upcoming Webinars” section in order to view all the webinars that are due to release at a later date. In order to pre-register for a webinar on Docquity you can click on the particular card for that webinar to open the landing page for that event. On this page, you can click on the green “Register” button in order to mark your interest for this upcoming webinar. By registering you will receive reminders via push notification and email on when the event is going to go live. Alternatively, if you are aware of the time that a webinar is to go live, you can navigate to the “Webinar” section of the application above, and find the relevant webinar under “Live Webinars”.

    • Why is the Docquity Webinar link not working?

      There are 3 main reasons that you are not able to join, or receive a “restricted content” message when trying to access a webinar on Docquity. 1. This webinar is not available for your medical association or specialty. 2. This webinar is not available in your country. 3. The mobile number registered with your medical association does not match the one you are currently using in order to access this webinar.

    • How can I ask questions during a live webinar?

      You can ask questions to the speaker during one of Docquity’s live webinars by posting a comment with your question. The speaker or Docquity’s moderator will try to address your question as soon as they are able to.

    • How do I view the references for a guideline on Docquity?

      The references for any written material posted on Docquity are available at the bottom of the page. After the main body of the article you can find the list of medical resources used in this Guideline.

    • What is Docquity?

      To healthcare professionals, Docquity is a digital platform making the right & relevant medical knowledge accessible to all by providing the most trusted & effective place to share patient experience, connect with & learn from peers around the world, & become the go-to hub for continuing education. Because when we harness the power of collective knowledge & firsthand experience, we can save more lives & elevate patient outcomes to their highest standards in history. We are a digital platform obsessed with delivering unparalleled value to doctors by providing the connective tissue that brings education, the power of the network, operational tools, and the key parties of the healthcare system together like never before. The driving force behind everything we do is fueled by the belief that some of the biggest problems in healthcare can be solved when doctors connect and share their intimate knowledge & experience with each other. Docquity is reviewed 4.7 stars on Play Store and 5 stars on App Store.

    • Which countries does Docquity operate in?

      Docquity operates in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore with other regions including South Korea, Taiwan and the Middle East launching soon! Our tech and product teams operate out of India. Our offices in these countries are located here: **Docquity Indonesia Address** PT Docquity Global Indonesia Muitivision Tower Building, FL 25, JL Kuningan, Mulia Lot 9B, Ex. Guntur, Kec. Setiabudi, Kota Adm. Jakarta South, Prov. DKI Jakarta 12980 **Docquity Philippines Address** Docquity Philippines Corp. 2005B, West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Ortigas Center, Pasig City Exchange Rd., San Antonio City of Pasig, Second District, Philippines **Docquity Malaysia Address** DHPL Malaysia SDN BHD 10A, Jalan Centrepoint 2, Pinji Centrepoint, 31650, Ipoh Perak, Malaysia **Docquity Thailand Address** Docquity (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 152, Kian Gwan house III, 9th floor, Wireless Road, Lumpini Sub-district, Pathumwan District, Bangkok Province **Docquity Vietnam Address** Docquity Viet Nam Company Limited Level 6A, Dien Bien Office Building, No. 9A Lane 9 Hoang Cau Street, O Cho Dua Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam **Docquity India Address** Docquity Services Private Limited 7th Floor, WeWork Platina Tower, Platina Tower, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd, A Block, DLF Phase 1, Sector 28, Gurugram, Haryana 122002 **Docquity Singapore Address** Docquity Holdings Pte. Ltd. 150, Beach Road, #35-28, Gateway West, Singapore 189720

    • Why was Docquity founded?

      In our part of the world, socio-economic and infrastructure disparity leads to many uneven scenarios and challenges for both doctors and the healthcare system. Two common examples are missed diagnoses and a lack of awareness around alternative treatments — the kind that saves lives, but don’t teach in medical school. Docquity’s co-founder, Indranil Roychowdury, had experienced this first hand. While at a hospital in Singapore, with his wife in labor expecting his first child, he received a distress call from his mother in Delhi. His father had been admitted to the ER with a life-threatening heart condition. The senior cardiologist had exhausted all viable options, and notified his mom that her husband only had a few hours left to live. Indranil would not have enough time to fly home and see his father for the last time. Luckily, another cardiologist on the team was acquainted with a colleague who was practicing in California, and explained the case to him over the phone. They had both attended a conference previously where one of the speakers had talked about edge-case scenarios and their treatments, which were anecdotal and not documented in medical literature. After gaining permission from Indranil’s mom, the cardiologist administered the experimental treatment and saved Indranil’s father’s life… on the same day that Docquity’s co-founder Indranil had become a father himself. Through this experience, Docquity was born — a digital platform making the right & relevant medical knowledge accessible to all by providing the most trusted and effective place to share patient experience, connect with and learn from peers around the world, and become the go-to hub for continuing education. Because when we harness the power of collective intelligence and know-how, we will undoubtedly save more lives and elevate patient outcomes to their highest standards in history.

    • Is Docquity Hiring?

      Yes, we are! We are a growing team of driven individuals eager to address some of the biggest challenges faced by the Healthcare industry in South East Asia, by leveraging the latest innovations in tech. With a goal to bring equitable access to medical knowledge within the region, we are looking for ambitious individuals who are aligned with our growth story, and eager to learn and grow together with the organization. At Docquity, we move fast to ensure the latest medical knowledge is available to those who need it, and ensure that proactive leaders who take initiative are recognized and rewarded for their efforts. We understand that the work we do ultimately impacts the lives of patients. With this in mind we are uncompromising in adapting to newer technologies and processes. We work with the latest tech stacks, and are forward-thinking in our approach to addressing challenges. Living in a post-pandemic world we understand the importance of flexibility. Depending on the role we are more than happy to accommodate to flexible working arrangements as well as timings. The Docquity team is multicultural, you can expect regular interactions with key stakeholders from our other geographies, as well as regular cross cultural activities. We are a fast growing organization, and promote our talented employees’ growth within the organization to adapt to the needs of our markets. If Docquity sounds like the place for you, navigate to our [Careers Page] to learn more about the roles we currently have open.

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