Awareness to Advocacy (A2A)

It has been a busy period at Docquity as we continue to see the positive impact of our Awareness to Advocacy (A2A) Program in cultivating deeper HCP engagements for our clients. This has given us the inspiration to create a newsletter series. 

Through the Docquity Impact Series, we hope to share learnings, with our community, around forming strong connections with the right HCPs.

Leveraging our in-depth HCP network insights and omnichannel solutions, A2A helps our clients raise awareness and trust amongst audiences, ultimately building relationships with HCPs who are most likely to be advocates for their brands. 

For instance, we recently collaborated with a pharmaceutical client in the competitive pain management therapeutic area, who improved HCP reach by 2.5x and gained 10% market share in just one year through our A2A program. The client was able to grow prescriptions and revenue, with over 80% cost savings compared to traditional approaches! 

Optimizing our A2A program are the deep insights we generate from our network. In fact, last year we launched a report on the learning trends of HCPs, Docquity Pulse Check 2022. The research showed that:

  • There is a growing shift towards digital, with up to 81% of doctors now engaging solely or predominantly in digital learning
  • Convenience factors are driving the digital learning trend 
  • Most doctors prefer real-time applicability of content, such as frequently encountered cases and guideline updates

We are now gathering up-to-date insights to measure shifts in 2023, and look forward to sharing them with you. 

We hope this newsletter will spark more discussions on meaningfully engaging HCPs, increasing ROI for our clients and improving healthcare outcomes for the industry.

Docquity Founders

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